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Presenting NWI Car Enthusiasts Swag!

Yup, it’s on.  We’re making stickers right now.  Other stuff soon.  Get it while it’s hot!!  (We mean that literally, beat old man winter!)  Here, have a free wallpaper (click to download)!  Now go see what’s available to buy over in the Market and make yourself pretty.nwice_logosmall

WMHM 2015 Pics & Video

Each year, we head to Gingerman Raceway for the 3rd weekend in July.  This year it was July 17, 18, and 19.   I was on the track again this year, and I got my turbo back on in time.  Here’s some pics and vids from the meet.

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Photoshoots for Fun

Let There Be Spring!

icon-leaf Get fresh.

Portage Car Meets – Meijer [of Portage Indiana] parking lot.  We meet on warm nights, Fridays, Saturdays, sometimes early Sundays.  Valparaiso, Hobart, Michigan City, and all surrounding areas are invited.  If you’re making a trip, check Facebook first.

Michigan City Meets – Keep your ears and eyes open, don’t know yet.  Certain Saturday nights.  Will try to post something, but check Facebook.

WMHM 15 – July 17 – 19 at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan.  Always a hit.  Almost sold out.  The BEST import car meet and legal racing event of the year, check them out!

Boosting weather!

Maybe a little overkill…

Collect Them All

Crazy Taxi Scores?

Done with a wheel. 10 minute run @ the Arcade level. PC version. Same as Dreamcast though. Competition anyone? We do $7k+ consistent over here…

Aww Crack!



Non-turbo for a bit bites.



Stevie Lunn-der Birthday Swarae

Come up to Autozone tonight at 6:30 for car meet and birthday shindig. There’s some stuff planed, be surprised!

The Offspring!