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We are dedicated auto tuners of the Northwest Indiana region.  We are true enthusiasts.  Not everyone can become a member.  But we are always accepting new, interested people like ourselves.  Feel free to browse what you can and get aquainted with YBLEGAL.net!

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the site!

Lastest Events

-Fast & Furious 6 Car Show

-West Michigan Honda Meet 2013

Yes, we are on the track this year! This is one of the best events of the region! If your going to pick just 1 event this year, this is it! Nice cars, good fun, and great people!

-Portage Square Car Show

This is the first Portage Square Car Show, hosted by the Portage Parks Department in Founder's Square behind Autozone by the water tower. I am not sure if this will be a reoccurring event or not. It may be every Sunday, it may be once a year. I will update this if I hear about plans for another.

-iLL Fest 2012 Hosted by iLL Garage

iLL Garage iLL Fest is an annual event. It is a large gathering of import enthusiasts and tuners; Always a good time!

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-Fresh New Gear is Now In Stock!

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